Mirror mirror on the wall!

Chitkala Mulye

She is tired. She hasn’t slept last night. She has those puffyeyes that clearly indicate that even the tears left her eyes all alone. She has those dark circles and even the glow of her face is not willing to come back. The first thing that she would have thought is to wear a good makeup mask. Make her swollen eyes appear normal with an eyeliner and hide those dark circles with a concealer. But no!Not this time.

She is tired of hiding things. She wants to show the mirror this is the way she is. She loves this face. She likes those sad eyes. She has no guilton her conscience. Sheloves her glowless face as it reflects the strength in her. She is glad that though her face looks tired it is serene with her straightforwardness. If she would have been sorry she would have openly accepted it. But…

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Love metamorphosis

Wow what a flow of words

Chitkala Mulye

You had never ever touched my body
But every emotion more than a buddy

The desires in me had doused their charm,
Now lit sparkled in the dark and sung a song;

My life was still with a lull and badly bent,
Waves of ecstasy danced with contentment;

The feelings soon changed their colours,
Became birds and flew free with no efforts;

Your eyes and love dressed me pretty,
Caressed me and turned into a beauty,

My melodyless life had killed the rhythm in me,
Plucking strings of heart you created music in me;

My naive delicate heart for you was full of trust,
The first true love drop who quenched my thirst;

It lay frozen deep down and it’s you, whom it missed,
Your ray of warmth melted it with love and kissed.

-Chitkala Mulye

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Waves of love

Chitkala Mulye

I look at your spread when its black and dark,

The smiling waves reach the abyss of my heart;

Leaving imprints on my tanned sand body,

Drowned in your addictive breeze so sultry;

Your splashing, challenging and provoking laughter,

Makes me jealous when the moon pulls you higher;

Your warm breaths during the hot day,

Soothing breezes make my heart sway;

Your Roar is a music to my ears,

This hum intoxicates me and lures;

The bond we share is too divine to be true,

Though away at times but I am one with you

-Chitkala Mulye

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